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LLR-EAP’s experienced team of clinical, counseling and school psychologists work in our primary clinic in Hato Rey and our external provider network. They provide a wide range of assessment and psychotherapeutic services to our clients.

A multi-disciplinary team of experienced consultants and trainers is ready to 
work with your organization in areas related to human resources management, organizational development, needs assessment, executive coaching, program evaluation, management of traumatic events at the worksite, mental health, substance abuse and workplace violence prevention.

Staff members are assigned to work with customer organizations, ensuring that our services are responsive to each company's needs and coordinated in a timely manner.

Our primary service center for EAP assessment, referral, and counseling services is located in Hato Rey in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is staffed by a team of licensed psychologists who provide assistance for a wide range of personal problems, including depression, anxiety, stress, marital conflict, and chemical dependencies.   
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Lucy López-Roig EAP, Inc. contracts an extensive network of mental health professionals, located throughout Puerto Rico. All providers are licensed for professional practice and must meet rigorous credentialing standards.   

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