Services for Organizations

A successful business undoubtedly has many assets, but none is more important than its human resources. Supporting, developing, and motivating the people who make your business move should be one of your highest priorities. A professional ally with the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience, can help you achieve that goal.

For over 40 years, Puerto Rico’s leading corporations have relied on Lucy López-Roig EAP, Inc. to fulfill that role. Our services are designed to promote the optimum development and performance of your workforce, allowing your company to respond effectively to new challenges.

Our team of experienced psychologists, consultants and trainers can offer many services to enhance organizational climate, improve job performance, and promote employee development:

 •  custom-designed training and employee development programs

 •  teambuilding programs

 •  consulting services in human resources management and organizational development

 •  change management programs

 •  organizational studies (e.g., organizational climate, job satisfaction, customer satisfaction, program evaluation, training needs assessment)

 •  psychological assessment for job candidates, including high risk and key positions

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