School Services

LLR-EAP has a long-standing commitment to education and offers a variety of services, such as:

Student Assistance Program

•  psychotherapy and counseling for students

•  psychological testing for children and adolescents

•  training and psychological consultation for school
    administrators and faculty

•  on-site crisis intervention in schools

•  workshops for parents

•  workshops for students on coping, conflict resolution, and other emotional intelligence skills

Student Assistance Program

Lucy López-Roig EAP, Inc. offers a special program to schools in Puerto Rico since 2002. It is designed to provide psychological screening, crisis intervention, brief psychotherapy and referral to students whose academic performance is being adversely affected by emotional or behavioral problems.

The program is available for elementary, middle school, and high school levels. All students are covered throughout the school year. They may be referred by school personnel to psychologists in LLR-EAP's local provider network.

The Student Assistance Program includes the following services:

• Initial intake and assessment

• Brief psychotherapy (individual or family therapy)

• Referral to other resources for specialized mental health services

• Psychological consulting to school administrators and faculty

• Educational activities for teachers and parents

• On-site crisis intervention services following traumatic events affecting the school community

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Consulting and Training for Educators

Our consultants are trained in various psychological specialties, including school, counseling and clinical psychology. They can assist teachers, counselors, and school administrators in areas such as:

• Management of disruptive classroom behavior

• Working with parents

• Emotional intelligence

• Bullying

• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

• Conflict resolution

Evaluation and Therapy for Students

These services are available at our primary clinic in San Juan: 

 individual psychotherapy and counseling

•  family therapy

•  psychological evaluation

•  psychometric testing (e.g., school admission)

To schedule an appointment, call:
 1-800-981-5070 or 787-763-6708

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